Frequently asked questions


What is LiSTNR?

LiSTNR is a new app which is free to download and use. It features Radio (HIT and Triple M streaming and on-demand shows), Podcasts (over 100 premium and original podcasts), Music (15 all-new live music streaming channels and 4 new on-demand music shows) and News (a variety of lengths and types of national and local news and information).


Is LiSTNR free to use?

LiSTNR is free to download and all content can be accessed by setting up a free account.


Why do I need to create an account?

LiSTNR requires you to create an account to provide a personalised listening experience and to communicate with you (when we need to). We ask you to select your favourite live or on-demand audio content when you onboard with LiSTNR, making it easier for you to pick up from where you left off each time you choose to listen. In order to keep LiSTNR free to use and to continue producing great content for our users, we also use some of the data you provide to show you relevant advertising.


How do I listen to podcasts on LiSTNR?

LiSTNR is a free app, available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Huawei App Gallery. Apple: Android: Huawei:


What is My Feed?

‘My Feed’ is your personalised audio feed. This is where you will see the next unplayed episode of your favourite radio shows, podcasts, music and news. It allows you to choose any episode from the list, listen in a continuous stream, or sort your play queue into a different order to suit your mood. The preferences that you selected when you signed up will automatically be reflected in this feed.


Can I still use LiSTNR when I am offline or without data?

Yes! Simply download the episodes you might want when offline, and the LiSTNR app allows you to listen to those episodes when offline or out of data.


How can I remove episodes from My Feed?

In order to prevent a certain show appearing in your feed, head to that show's individual 'Show Page' by pressing the three dots from the episode tile and selecting ‘Go to Show’. You will then see a ‘Favourited’ section, just press it to un-follow.


Why haven’t I received a confirmation email to validate my account?

Once you create an account with LiSTNR you need to have it validated from the email address you provided us. Depending on your inbox, this email may end in the Spam / Junk folder. Please check it hasn’t ended there by mistake. If you’re still not able to find it, please reach us at [email protected].


What does favouriting / unfavourite do?

By favouriting a new show, you will see it automatically appearing in your feed as soon as a new episode is released. You will also receive a notification letting you know that the show is ready for you to stream.


How can I favourite a new show?

To favourite, you need to go to the show page by either looking for a specific show using the search bar at the top of the page or selecting the three dots the bottom of an episode tile, hit ‘go to show’, once there you will have the option to favourite / unfavourite.


Why does the stream cut out when my phone is locked or the screen is switched to idle? (Android devices only)

If you are using an Android device and the phone is running in Low Power Mode or a specific Battery Optimisation Mode, for the phone to conserve battery energy (and not completely wear it out), the app shuts the app off from listening in the background as it would utilise too much energy for the phone to handle. This is a service that is built in to the device to protect the longevity of your battery (and device). In order to ensure that our apps continue to play in the background or while in idle, please switch off any battery optimisation mode that may be running on your device.


Why does my audio cut when the app is put in the background?

Some applications, like Spotify, will take over the sound when opened, regardless of music being played. This means that if you're listening to LiSTNR (or any audio app for that matter), the audio will be cut. The LiSTNR app will still work while in the background unless you'll open app that takes over the sound controls.


How do I change my password or other account details?

You can make changes to your personal details or reset your password by going to the ‘Account’ page. On this page you will also find settings to help you manage your downloads and data usage.


What if I need additional help?

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve LiSTNR, please reach out to us via